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Deep in the Heart of Texas
Unit Six (17 Days)

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Deep in the Heart of Texas unit?

The major history topic areas in the Deep in the Heart of Texas unit are American history in the Jacksonian Era, spotlight studies of Mexico, Texas, and Arkansas, and a presidential spotlight study of Andrew Jackson. The major science topic in this unit is a study of reptiles.

What are some highlights from this unit?

The heartwarming story of Old Yeller, by Fred Gipson, the story of a Texas family and their beloved and faithful dog • Book reports • Andrew Jackson, American military hero, public servant, and president • Elections of 1828 and 1832 • Interviews • Slither, creep, and crawl into a study of reptiles with experiments and activities • Reptile Hall of Fame Project • Chameleon Eyes, Scaly Sweets, Clay Snakes, and Gooey Turtle Treats • Paleontology, fossils, and dinosaurs • Edible Dinosaur Dig, Dino Dip, and Lizard's Tail Snacks • Discover the meaning of true discipleship and commitment to Christ • Jacksonian Era, Indian Removal, and the Black Hawk War • Scales Design - plane tessellation • Snake Tracks art project • Explore the highlands and lowlands of Arkansas, the Natural State, from the hot springs to the knobs, sinkholes, and caves • Arkansas Mmmmm Molasses Cookies • Gather your posse and take a tour of Texas • Stir up a batch of Texas Chili Con Carne, cover the battles and campaigns of the Mexican-American War, participate in the Remember the Alamo Activity, and create a Lone Star Project • Grab your sombrero and head to Mexico for a study of our neighbor to the South • Tour Ancient Aztec temples, whitewashed Spanish missions, tiny rural villages, and sprawling Mexico City • Weave an Ojo de Dios • Shake, shake, shake homemade maracas to the music of Mexico • Create models of Mayan and Aztec ruins • Papel picado and piρatas • Tex-Mex Fiesta • Poetry with a Mexican theme • Put on your ponchos, play Mexican Adventure, and enjoy a Burrito Blast, a Totally Taco Bar, and Mexican Wedding Cakes as you celebrate all things Mexico!

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