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Battling on Land and Sea
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Battling on Land and Sea
Unit Three (21 Days)

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Battling on Land and Sea unit?

The major history topic areas in the Battling on Land and Sea unit are the War of 1812, spotlight studies of Vermont, Maine, and Louisiana, and a presidential spotlight of James Madison. The major science topic in this unit is Amphibians .

What are some highlights from this unit?

Justin Morgan Had a Horse, by Marguerite Henry • Literary elements and figurative language • Green Mountain State of Vermont • Sticky Vermont Maple Nuts cooking project • Take a leap with amphibians • Neo-classical and Romantic periods, methods, and artists • Works and themes of Francisco de Goya, Jean Franηois Millet, Eugθne Delacroix • American Romantic artist Thomas Cole and Luminism • Mist over the Green Mountains chalk dust project • U.S. and foreign events of the War of 1812 • War of 1812 Folder Project • Family Working Bee • Mistress Chase's Famous Caraway Cakes • Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, by Jean Lee Latham • Encyclopedia skills and three point paragraphs •  Amphibians Project and experiments • Amphibian activities - Slimy and Wet and Frog's Egg Froth • Meet President James Madison and Dolley Madison in a Presidential Spotlight • Hands on hearts for "The Star-Spangled Banner" - the history and origin • Flag Poetry • Interpret graphs • Frog's Legs Jumping Contest • Lily Pad Snack and Frog's Neck Challenge • Campaign in the Election of 1812 • Jesus' ministry to multitudes as He heals and touches lives one heart at a time • New England shipping and fishing industries, clipper chips, and the Golden Era of Sail • Knot project • Alliterative phrases in tongue twisters on an amphibians theme • Head "Down East" for a Maine spotlight and make Maine Blueberry Muffins • Roam the bayous and marshes of Louisiana • John James Audubon • Explore Cajun and Creole country and make beignets and a mini-king cake • Listen to jazz, rhythm and blues, and zydeco music, and celebrate Louisiana's culture

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