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Across the Plains and Beyond
Unit Nine (19 Days)

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Across the Plains and Beyond unit?

The major history topic areas in the Across the Plains and Beyond unit are Life in the early 1800's American West, the California Gold Rush, State Spotlight on California, a Presidential Spotlights on James Polk and Zachary Taylor, and a World Spotlight on China. The major science topic in this unit is a study of Pre-Chemistry.

What are some highlights from this unit?

Head to the California gold fields for rollicking adventures as you read By the Great Horn Spoon! by Sid Fleischman  Gold Jiggler Nuggets, Hangtown Fry, and Pay Dirt Pudding  Studies, experiments, and activities in Pre-chemistry  "Where's the Matter," "What's the Matter," and "Runaway Bubbles of Gas"  Periodic Table of Elements Project  Folk songs in American history  "Panning for Gold" Gold Rush learning game, and clay gold nuggets  Boom towns, ghost towns, and the growth of San Francisco in Gold Rush days  Designing Boom Town Restaurant Menus with Gold Rush themes  "Gold in California!" news stories  Gold Rush Poetry  Life and presidencies of James Knox Polk and Zachary Taylor  Elections of 1844 and 1848  Authors and poets of the 1840's and American Romanticism  Chinese-Americans and their role in the Gold Rush  World spotlight on China  Rice and tea culture of China  Sampling Chinese teas, almond cookies, and fried rice  Rice mosaics and models of the Great Wall of China  Music and art of China  Watercolor wall hangings  Chinese holiday customs - Chinese New Year and the Full Moon Festival  Chinese customs and religion, and missionaries to China  Pony Express  Discover California - the Golden State  California Missions  Sourdough bread and California pizza  Golden Gate Bridge  Sparkle at a Gold Fever Party with bandanas and blue jeans, munching on Gold Rush Grub like Crispy Golden Nuggets, Gold Nugget Crunch, and Gold-Dusted Cookies  Play Panning for Gold, Miner's Laundry and Clothespin Games, "Eureka! I Found It!" Nugget Toss, Backpack Challenge, and Sourdough Butter Battle!

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