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In addition to being an author, Dorian is also a convention speaker. Compact Disks and tapes of her conference talks are available for purchase. 

Here is a brief description of these talks. 

"UNIT STUDY - WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT?" explains the basics of what a unit study involves - for those parents who are curious, but are either doubtful or just need to know where to roll their sleeves up and begin. Find out why children think the unit study method is such a fun way to learn, and why parents think that their children learn more completely when they are taught using this approach. Discover how to put a unit study together all by yourself, how to use a unit study in combination with a few text books, and what resources are available to help you in this exciting area.

"FOOD FOR THOUGHT" shows you how easy it is to incorporate cooking into almost any field of study, whether you use a traditional textbook approach or unit study. Through this talk you will find out how to add fun and creative cooking projects to your homeschool experience in order to make learning more meaningful, while at the same time, making wonderful memories with your children.

"PROSE AND POETRY PARFAIT" describes how you can provide a wonderful literature experience for your children by dishing up layers of indescribably rich and delicious literature. Find out about the elements of literature, and how authors use figurative language, style, rhyme, rhythm, meter, and other techniques in order to keep their readers coming back for more. Then learn how to use these techniques to teach your children to understand and appreciate good literature.

"WHO'S THE BOSS?"  If you are unsure of the answer to this question in your home, this workshop is for you! Learn about the main sources of behavior problems in the home school classroom. Explore options for preventing bad attitudes and dealing with them effectively as you work towards establishing a joyful learning environment in your home school. In this workshop, ideas are shared for using positive reinforcement techniques and alternative learning methods that may more effectively match with your children's learning styles. You will gain confidence and encouragement as you discover that a few simple methods and lots of consistency can result in a mutually respectful relationship with your children as you teach and nurture them at home.

"LET THE GAMES BEGIN!"  Make learning memorable and fun by creating and using games and meaningful projects in your homeschool! In this workshop, you will learn about the types of games and projects that can be used to reinforce and assess educational skills and concepts. Gather ideas and options for themes and formats, and hear about examples of games and projects that you can use. Learn about the kinds of games and projects that are included in the Learning Adventures curriculum and more. Discover how you can begin making learning fun for children of all ages.

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