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Our customers continue to overwhelm us with their warm, heartfelt responses. Here are just a few:

     "I just wanted to send a much belated note of thanks to you for a fine curriculum program.  I purchased both volumes one and two several years ago when I began homeschooling our sons.  It was fantastic!  My sons are now grown men who are well on their way.  Just the other day we were visiting and they were sharing many wonderful memories from your lessons.  They both enjoyed the renaissance unit with the study of astronomy, learning about the many cultures and traditions of European nations, and especially the study of the American revolution.  They both have an incredible appreciate of history, and I know it is because your curriculum made it come alive to them.  The reading list was fantastic, and I will treasure the memories of reading aloud to them as they hung on every word of the great stories you recommended.   The science lessons were the highlights of our school days, and the experiments were messy but such fun.  The layout was easy to follow and very thorough.  I loved the day by day lesson plans and felt that the format was easy to follow.  On days where I feared I was failing miserably at homeschooling, it was so helpful to know that I would be alright if I just stuck to your plan.  I've never met you, but I always felt that my friend Dorian was helping me every step of the way.  Your excellent program was of tremendous benefit to my boys.  To anyone considering Learning Adventures, I would enthusiastically recommend it.  It is thorough, compelling and is truly an amazing adventure."
                                    Deborah Boroff, Colorado

     "We are using the supplement for (my preschooler) AND my 4th grader. He LOVES doing the Psalm booklets and the 'projects.' We also use the word workout just as a daily vocabulary quiz. Of course, they both love the snacks and other foodie type things. Thank you for encouraging me to have my son participate in the 'fun' things. With him being a gifted and intellectual student, I didn't realize how much we were just learning from books and not reinforcing it with the extras. I have been truly blessed by your advice and your curriculum ...  Thank you for all that you have done (and are doing) to create a curriculum that both my kids enjoy and one that lessens the age gap between them during school hours. My son told me today that he 'loves Mrs. Holt!' Guess it's working, huh?  :)  Blessings to you and John."
                                      Laura B., Georgia

     After putting our children back in school this past year due to work schedules, "my oldest child was placed into honors English I as well as honors math. She recently took a high school placement test and scored in the 99th percentile for language arts, and even received a scholarship to a private high school! My second oldest child's English teacher praised me for doing such a great job teaching my daughter, and she went on about how advanced her writing skills are. I believe with all my heart that they are doing so well and above their peers due to Learning Adventures. I never supplemented your program, it was never overwhelming, and they enjoyed every bit of it. I am hoping to homeschool my boys in the future, just to be able to do this program with them! Out of six years of homeschooling, this was by far the best thing that we did, and we have so many fun memories! Thank you for all you do."
                                    Holly, Louisiana

"The supplement is PRICELESS! I cannot thank you enough."
                                    Cassidy, Texas

    "I just wanted to thank you for your curriculum and to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work in putting such a well-thought-out and organized program together. It is so much fun to hear my children say, 'gross!' as we are looking into insects and 'cool!' while we are learning about history. They worked diligently at hot glue-gunning little sticks together and worked together to make a Jamestown settlement. We went to Williamsburg, and [hearing] their excitement - 'This is what we just learned about' - was great! They are retaining the information, loving learning and we are working together as a family. Even my high schoolers "stick around" during reading time to hear the stories. I wish I had discovered your curriculum when my daughter was younger!"
                                   Jennifer, VA

    "I just wanted to let you know that we received our order of A New World Of Adventure and we are just loving it!!!  It completely suits our homeschooling approach.  Our son is doing very well with the assignments.  I'm amazed at how much he has accomplished in such a short period of time, especially in Language Arts.  He does not drag his feet or complain about 'doing school' like he has in the past because this is his learning style. It's almost like he's forgotten he didn't like it.  I work part time outside of our home, so my husband and I share the daily responsibilities of teaching.  We do not feel overwhelmed because the instructions are very concise and consistent.  I am a strong advocate for this style of learning, as it gently reinforces information because it all ties together. I've been telling friends and family all about your curriculum!! Thank you so much, Dorian, for such a fabulous curriculum. May the Lord continue to richly bless you and your family and your future endeavors."
                                     Carrie, Maine

    "My kids absolutely loved this curriculum. I enjoyed it too, but I really loved its flexibility. I've done several different things over the years, and this was my favorite because it wasn't too broad, requiring extensive planning and research on my part, or too narrow/rigid, requiring that my child do everything in it and do it a certain way. Thank you!"
                                     Jennifer, Kansas

    "I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the wonderful school year! This is the first year we have done anything besides textbooks, and WOW!, what a difference it has made. My children have enjoyed this year. I have too. We all really liked the literature. My children were actually *disappointed* when we finished The Bronze Bow. They asked if there was a sequel!!! The Bible passages are wonderful also. My 5 year old can recite many of them! This curriculum has been a true blessing to our family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
                                    Holly, Louisiana

    "My boys love your curriculum! They are 13, 15, and 16. They especially LOVE the recipes, and they are becoming very good cooks. My oldest son graduated in May, but not before he had mastered the Pony-Penning Pot Pie. Now the 13 yr old and 16 yr old delight us with Johnny Tremain's apple turnovers. My 5 yr old daughter loved Johnny Tremain and Samuel Adams! I wish you could have seen the Jamestown Fort they built and the lovely miniature cornucopias. I didn't even know they had such varied artistic ability! They made Insect lapbooks, too. The artwork was incredible! I am especially grateful for the extensive bibliographies you give. We have read so many books on the Revolutionary period! Now when we visit [historic sites] this summer we will have a reference point! Thank you also, for defining the vocabulary words. It saves so much time and keeps us from getting distracted! Additionally, the children have greatly appreciated your consistent biblical perspective, especially compared with other history and literature-based curricula we have used. THANK YOU for this wonderful curriculum! I love it when believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, create curricula with such depth. I really appreciate what you've done with ANWOA. I've homeschooled for nearly 20 years, but the enthusiasm for ANWOA surpassed that of any curriculum we used in the past.
                                      Idora, OH

    "My 10th grade son finished Westward and Onward two weeks ago. We have used Learning Aventures since he was in 7th grade, covering all three volumes, and I must say, it is with tears in my eyes that we finished this volume. The Learning Adventures series has been wonderful for us. My son has come so far with his writing and grammar using this curriculum. He has tested wonderfully on the ACT in the grammar section, I think, because of Learning Adventures.
    I have said before, in my fourteen years of homeschooling my three children, I have never found any curriculum that was so thorough in its teaching, but yet gentle, and not overwhelming. I wish Learning Aventures had been around when my two older children were still being homeschooled.
    So, I would like to say good-by, and thank you, Dorian, for following your heart when God asked you to write this curriculum. Our family has so many wonderful memories of all the hands-on activities, wonderful books we've read, the Bible scriptures memorized, and all the yummy recipes we have tried in the past four years. (Many of the recipes are now in our recipe box to use over and over again.)
    You will be in my prayers as you minister to others through this curriculum."
                                     Sherry, Alabama

    "Our family is using A World of Adventure this year and I felt I must email you and thank you for this awesome unit study. This is our sixth year of homeschooling and we have used many unit study curriculums but none as complete, enjoyable, and enriching as A World of Adventure. We have an 11 year old son and a 14 year old daughter and both have said that they have not learned as much in any other of our homeschooling years. I think it is not so much of what they have learned but in the way it has been presented. Thank you also for your advice and assistance in incorporating our high school student in this study. We have enjoyed remaining in a family learning environment and she has enjoyed the extra challenges presented. Another item I must add is that we moved this past November to a new town and made all the adjustments involved in such a move and still continued our unit study. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderfully user friendly curriculum that incorporates fun in learning. Our family has enjoyed it immensely and will continue on with A New World of Adventure next school year. I also must add that we have been using the Worlds of Adventure game this year and cannot thank you enough for such a wonderfully fun review tool. Both of the kids enjoy it so much, especially the competition between the two of them to see who can answer the most questions, and I enjoy the fact that we are able to complete a review without them even being aware of the underlying learning that is taking place. My highest regards to you for another "fun in learning" product. May God bless you as you continue writing this series."
                                      Ohnalee, Michigan

    "I would just like to take a minute and say... I LOVE LOVE A New World of Adventure... I mean I liked A World of Adventure but I think A New World of Adventure is absolutely fantastic!!!! We are on about day 32.. We have already read, Call it Courage, Misty, and Island of the Blue Dolphins... We are now reading Little Pilgrim's Progress and we LOVE it... Ok, now that I've got that off my chest I can go start my day!!!!"
                                      Tina, North Carolina 

    "We are just finishing the Renaissance and Reformation Unit. This is absolutely the best unit study I have ever used. I included my three older children, ages 8, 10, and 13. My 5 year old even joined in most days! I plan to buy the second year because we are enjoying this so much. At first, I tried to supplement with [another program]. The kids enjoyed the crafts, but it was too much for me. So, we just learned to go with the curriculum and occasionally add to it with a craft if we have time. The kids actually look forward to the writing assignments. At the beginning, the work seems too easy, but the difficulty level quickly progresses. The kids have retained all they have learned. We were coming through Atlanta recently and they were commenting on the Greek architecture on the buildings. At supper a few weeks ago, they began to discuss the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta, two cities you will cover in the Ancient Greece section. My husband and I just looked at each other! I have loved learning along side the kids and look forward to each day. They always beg to do a second day's work. They don't want to stop reading the literature that corresponds with the unit. I tell them it will spoil the next day's lesson and have to hide the book."
                                      Kim, Georgia

   "One year ago, I made the BIG decision to begin homeschooling my soon-to-be 2nd- & 6th-grade girls. I read, read, READ all the materials about homeschooling I could get my hands on. Luckily, I read Cathy Duffy's great review about A World of Adventure and found your website. I am so glad that I did!
   "Now that we are close to completing our first year of Learning Adventures, I would be sadly ungrateful if I didn't stop to tell you THANK YOU! The transition from public school to homeschooling has been smoother for all of us than I ever imagined. I credit that, in large part, to your great curriculum. It is wonderfully organized, interesting, fun, varied, and complete. I love the unit study approach, and even more, I love how you have done all of the research and work for the parent! Yours is the only unit study curriculum I have come across that has gathered all of the information for us and in such a clear way. It also has a great balance of books & hands-on time, reading and writing, etc. Our personal favorite is starting each day learning God's Word, and reading aloud together the latest (often spellbinding) literature selection. We so look forward to our mornings!
   "I can't imagine all of the time you have lovingly put into this project. And I wanted you to know there are those of us out here who consider it to be a blessing and a gift from God. Again, let me say a huge "thank you"! and wish you the very best in all of your own life adventures. And might I add that it's nice to be able to e-mail the curriculum's author and get such quick and personal responses! I hope God blesses you and your ministry big-time! I will be ordering "A New World of Adventure" shortly."
                                     Terri, Michigan

   "I am doing AWOA with my 12yo son and 9yo daughter. I can't tell you how much we love Learning Adventures. We are in the Renaissance and Reformation unit and enjoying every minute of it. We have been playing the Worlds of Adventure learning game every day. We love it. EVERY day either my son or I say 'I just love Dorian,' because we love Learning Adventures so much. The game is so fun and is a way to 'test' the children. I can't wait to start A New World of Adventure. Thanks for everything."
                                    Andrea, Illinois

   "I just wanted to tell you what your unit studies have meant to our family. I have seven children (ages 11 to 14 months) and a husband who is active duty in the Navy. We are either having a baby or moving, it seems. In fact, all seven have been born in different states or countries. I have always wanted to do a unit study but have never had the time to prepare one. A friend recommended A Word of Adventure to me a year ago. We are just finishing it. My kids are so excited about school. My 4th and 5th graders are writing better than they ever have; my K-1, 1st grader and 3rd grader know more about Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance than many adults I know!  I have always heard that unit studies inspire a love for learning and I believe that now. Thank you so much. We are eager to begin American History!"
                                    Linda, Kansas

    "I just want to give the Holts a big cyber-hug. They have done it again - putting out a fun and interesting unit study (Westward and Onward)!"
                                     Becky, Georgia

    "My ds is 15yo and in the 10th grade. We did AWOA and ANWOA - and began W&O last year. So, we are picking back up with W&O this year. We are on Unit 2. Both of us are still enjoying the curriculum so much. WE are learning so much. As an encouragement to others who wonder if the curriculum is enough for high schoolers, I'd like to tell you that my son took his ACT in 9th grade and did great! He had a very high English score, which was a happy surprise to both of us, as he has always said he didn't like English. He has become a very good writer, also because of Learning Adventures. It has a very gentle, but effective approach to writing. I supplement Learning Adventures with Apologia Science (started in 9th grade) and Saxon math. These were the only supplements I used last year. This year we are adding Spanish. I recommend LA to anyone that asks my opinion on curriculum. I have two older children and this is my 14th year to homeschool. I have tried tons of other curriculums, but this is the best and easiest on me that I have ever found. You will never know how much we have, and are, enjoying your curriculum. So many things in it have spoken to my heart over the years, sometimes in the Bible selections you have chosen, but not limited to that. I can tell from the curriculum that you have a heart for God, and I, for one, appreciate you using the gift He has given to you to bless so many families."
                                     Sherry, Alabama

   "I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating Learning Adventures! I embarked on homeschooling just this year and felt a bit overwhelmed by my expectations of myself as a teacher. I fell short of those high expectations and started to doubt my ability to give my daughter a valuable education. Then I found your program, A World of Adventure, and all that has changed! Your daily format has me right where I need to be. I especially love your focus on literature. I look forward to ordering the next book this summer!"
                                    Wendy, New Hampshire

   "I ordered Learning Adventures in January and put ALL the old books away and started using Learning Adventures. What a difference! My older son isn't even the same boy. He is so much calmer and happier. He was just bored and stressed out and so was I. We are having so much fun. I only wish I'd had this several years ago. I've tried lots of different things but this is the first program that has really worked for our family."
                                     Debbie, Colorado

   "I wanted to let you know that we absolutely love the unit study you designed 'A World of Adventure.' It not only keeps my boys attention, it has increased their curiosity for learning. Our school day is no longer a battle. 
   "We can't wait to do the next study 'A New World of Adventure.' We will definitely be using it. I can't thank you enough."
                                    Louetta, Tennessee

   "...This is my second year of homeschooling. I have seven kids and so far I've spent about $2000 in curriculum. I have tried everything. You name it, I've probably tried it. After having seen most of what's out there, I'm totally impressed with Learning Adventures. ... My kids already have a new attitude towards homeschooling. They are already looking forward to our Passover feast. ... Before finding Learning Adventures we were having a really hard time with burn out. I really have tried almost everything out there and this is the best I have seen. I have to tell you that if I did not come across Learning Adventures, I would have had either a nervous breakdown or my kids would have had to finish the school year in the public school. With seven kids there is no way to use all the textbooks and workbooks, it was taking me forever and my kids were starting to strongly dislike homeschooling. ... You have been a blessing to our family."
                                     Maritza, Florida

   "I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited!! I was feeling like a total failure with homeschooling and not looking forward to another year. But I am really excited about this study. I have been pouring over it and showing it to my husband. We have listened to the tape and every time I hear it I get more excited! Thank you for writing this study and God bless your efforts."                                    Amber, Ohio

   "We love A World of Adventure and plan to use all five volumes. We've been at it for three weeks now, and for the first time EVER neither I nor the children are looking for some way to change the curriculum we've started with. That doesn't say much for my diligence, but it's the truth. I'm not even hunting for new things, which I normally do ALL the time! I believe the secret lies in the fact that it's ALL in there -- grammar, science (including experiments), history, writing, Bible, memory work -- AMAZING! With a large crew of children to teach, and toddlers to chase, Learning Adventures is a real lifesaver. God bless your future efforts John and Dorian."
                                   Linda, Delaware

   "I just wanted to thank you both again for this fabulous program!! We are all enjoying Egypt and my kids are really loving The Golden Goblet!! Your literature questions are great and the history and science sections that I read to the kids are perfect for them. I can feel Dorian through the pages. I am a better teacher because of your program and for that I am grateful. I am enjoying school again, and so are the kids. We have time for life without the stress of "we have to get ... done"! Thanks again for all your hard work. This is the best program that I have seen that I have complete trust in the author!!"
                                      Karen, New Jersey 

   "I have been homeschooling for seven years. We have tried just about every approach and curriculum to find just the right one and always leaned toward unit studies. I really never felt like I was covering everything good enough. There seemed to be too many gaps.
   "We started using A World of Adventure this past school year and I and the kids just love it. All of your hard work in putting it together has given me the confidence I needed to continue on in unit studies. But the best part of all is the way you have integrated Bible Study as the source of our history and our existence. It's not just some disjointed story that has no bearing on what we are learning. I have had some very interesting and heartfelt conversations with my kids about God, doctrine and our relationships in this world according to His Word. I plan to continue with you in each of your books."
                                    Shelly, Ohio

   "One of the things I love most about Learning Adventures is not having to do lesson plans. It is so great to be able to just pick it up and do it. Also, most of the items [for the projects] you probably have on hand, or you could substitute something that works just as well. We were doing LA within an hour of receiving it. I have 7 children, I do not have a lot of time to prepare. My husband is a pastor of a small church, and we use our house three days a week for parts of services. I am really appreciative of how everything flows together in LA. Dorian and John make it seem so easy. You can tell a lot of hard work has gone into it!!! ...  Dorian has already spent the hours making the lesson plans for us. Thank you again John and Dorian for all the work you have put into this GREAT curriculum."
                                     Lori, Texas

   "Actually, for the first time [my children] didn't balk at writing. My 13 year old is loving it and she read a lot of books today and we just got some movies about Egypt at the library. She is excited .... colored pictures of stained glass art from Egypt too. School officially stopped for the day, but she didn't."
                                    Stephanie, New Mexico

  "I just wanted to write to let you know how much we are enjoying A World of Adventure. We are only on day 18, but we are learning so much. It is a definite learning adventure! My boys look forward to school like they never have before."  
                                   Elizabeth, Kentucky

   "[I just received my copy of A World of Adventure.] I am very pleased with it and can't wait to begin. ... I have been reading through your book and feel this is the first unit study that even comes close to what homeschool moms need/want in a curriculum! The daily lesson plans are awesome! Thank you so much for a job very well done! I am excited to use this volume and continue with the volumes to follow."
                                    Kelly, Arizona  

   "I had been praying about homeschooling my daughter for a while, when I came across your web site. This seems like an answer to prayer for us!!! [We have used textbooks in the past] but I don't really like them. I wanted to try unit studies, but lacked the confidence to put one together myself. This seems perfect, especially the daily lesson plans.... I am so excited. I can't wait to start. I have never been this excited about our curriculum choice. Praise God!!!
                                   Sherry, Alabama

   "I was lucky enough that a wise soul told me about Learning Adventures before I had made any decisions. I can tell you this: We absolutely LOVE Learning Adventures!!! My kids have never been happier, and neither have I. I tried to take a day off this week. Yeah right!! They were going to do it with or without me, so we went ahead. Tomorrow is Saturday, and I had to figure out something to go along with the theme of Ancient Egypt, because they will not take the day off. It has also sparked a lot more that just interest in Ancient Egypt. We are now the proud owners of 7 cactus. They have decided to start a monthly 'Family Newspaper' so we can tell everyone all about what we are learning. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea!" 
                                      Krista, Ohio

   "I am desperately trying to keep a handle on my enthusiasm here. We've only done the first two days of Egypt, and I am so thrilled with this curriculum! After 4 years of textbooks, workbooks, and disappointment with so-called 'complete' unit studies, I have finally found the perfect fit for our family!!! My 10 year old son literally hangs on every word. My 6 year old daughter almost cried today because she missed part of what we read on deserts. I have taken everything else we had planned on using for the rest of this year and ditched it! Now all my 10 year old son has every day is Learning Adventures and math, and he is LOVING learning again!!!! John, Dorian, and Ryan -- we simply cannot thank you enough. This curriculum has the perfect balance for us -- the balance between structure and flexibility. There is plenty of guidance together with the freedom to adjust and adapt to fit our needs. 
   "Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, we're elated! Even my husband and 2 year old son participated in the Egyptian feast yesterday. And today was even better than yesterday. The children were hanging on every word while I read about Joseph. They both loved tracing the maps of Egypt, and they can't wait to color them tomorrow. 
   "I am just thrilled beyond words with Learning Adventures. Please, PLEASE keep them coming!!!! I want to be sure that I always have another volume of this magnificent curriculum waiting for me :o)"
                                    Donna, New Jersey 

   "Words just cannot express how thankful I am for all of your hard work. I just can't believe how well everything is planned out for us, right down to what we are going to need each day. With five kids, I have known for a while that unit studies were the way to go, but I dreaded trying to plan everything out. I just can't say thank you enough.
   "I also think that all the hands on activities are wonderful. I have two ADHD children and they learn so much more with activities like I have seen in your book. I can't wait to get started and neither can the kids. I've been telling them about some of the fun things we will be doing (they especially like the part about the feast) once we receive the book. You should have heard the cheer at our table this morning when they found out the package from the post office was the one we had been waiting for.
   "Thank you again for all the hard work you have put into this!"
                                     Mary, Illinois

  "We visited an archeological museum (part of a local university) this past weekend and took a guided tour of their Egypt exhibit. The tour guide was fabulous and rather than teach, drew out answers to questions from the participants in the tour (many of whom were adults and several of whom were university students looking for credit for this tour). My 10 year old son knew the answers to every question. In fact, the tour guide stopped us and said, 'How come this guy knows everything, what school does he go to?' 
   "After our tour, we visited the gift shop where my son bought a piece of papyrus with some Egyptian art on it. When we got home and he was finished hanging it on his wall, he ran up to me and hugged me and told me how much he loves learning about Egypt! All this from the kid who hated both forms of school (Christian and home) that he has been exposed to! And just think, I was ready to hang it all up last year and send them back to the Christian School when I just happened to find the website for Learning Adventures and write to John and Dorian asking whether they thought this curriculum would be beneficial to us! Needless to say, we, too, are loving LA and are extremely grateful to the Lord for leading me to the LA website and also very grateful to John and Dorian for the wonderful work they have done. I have been recommending LA to everyone I know. For the first time, homeschooling is actually fun!"
                                    Mindy, Pennsylvania

   "I don't know if I ever told you that we tried to use [another unit study] with my two oldest several years ago, but we did. Besides being very activity oriented, it also didn't have lesson plans--at least at the time--and we didn't even use it for a year. Because of that, we went in the opposite direction, using textbooks and workbooks which as it turned out was not what we wanted either. I knew unit studies had to work, but I just didn't know how we were going to do it. Well, Learning Adventures has been the perfect answer for us. I have never sat down so long with my children to do school before, not even when they were first learning to read. I thought I would feel that my time wasn't mine any more. However, much to my delight, I am loving the experience of learning with my children and seeing them excited by learning. I get a kick out of the other girls slowly trickling into the room to see what is going on and settling down to listen or to look at the pictures or give advice on a project. ... It is so much easier to look over their shoulders and see if they have the correct answers than to gather up workbooks and worksheets to correct later. And correcting on the spot is much better reinforcement, too. Anyway, thank you again for having a curriculum which is educational and yet so much fun."
                                      Donna, Alabama

   "We're on Day 13 of Egypt, making slow but sure (and ENJOYABLE!) progress. My 10 year old son HATES to write. Well, today's assignment in writing was to write a paragraph using notes that he made yesterday on Chapter 3 of the Golden Goblet. Let me tell you, I am overwhelmed and awed at what he wrote. It takes up one complete side of a notebook page, which is more than he has ever written before. Not only did he have a lot to say, but he actually ENJOYED writing it! I was so floored when he handed it to me to read, that I started to cry! He not only remembered every major detail, but he put his thoughts together in a clear, concise, and very readable way. :o)  I simply cannot over-emphasize this HUGENESS of this moment for him. He has always struggled to write even a sentence, let alone a whole paragraph. Today, he went above and beyond and he loved every minute of it. The difference, he said, was #1 he knew it was coming; #2 he had the notes to work from; #3 he loves the story. WOW! Who could ask for anything more than that???"
   "John & Dorian, the Lord continues to work through you!!!! Just wanted to let you know that He blessed our socks off here today."
                                    Donna, New Jersery

   "I've received A World of Adventure and have spent some time looking over it. My conclusion: it's perfect!! It is what I have been looking for for 9 years! What I especially like are the Latin roots, the language arts instruction and the way the curriculum 'talks' to the teacher. It couldn't be easier to use; I'm excited to get started! Thank you for all of your hard work."
                                    Mia, Indiana

  "I like Learning Adventures because.....
.....it is FUN.
.....our daughter retains so much more of what we cover.
.....it is flexible to our needs. My daughter is on different grade levels in different subjects, and that is easily addressed in this curriculum.
.....I'm learning a lot right along with our daughter.
.....it is EASY yet very effective.
.....it is inexpensive so we have some resources left over to do some of the other things that are important to us.
.....we can expand on any subject she is intensely interested in, or summarize and move through more quickly if we are covering something that is tedious to her. 
.....it is very thorough and I don't feel like I am leaving big gaps.
.....it makes us all feel really good, and there is more peace in our home because of the spirit of this program.
.....it takes a fair amount of "Mom time" but that is spent directly interacting and learning with my child, not in preparation or other paperwork that takes away from time with my child. I love the time I have with her.
.....the time spent reading aloud together has become a precious part of our day.
   Downsides to the curriculum? Hmmmm....if anything, I would have to say that at times I feel 'we are having too much fun for this to be real learning'....I guess I still can't quite shake the mentality that it has to be "work" to qualify as school. But there is work in this curriculum, and there is fun. There is DEFINITELY a lot of learning going on, with excellent retention and interest level."
                                  Laurie, Utah

   "It seems like such a short time ago, that we spoke at length on the phone last fall regarding your exciting curriculum. As you recall, we are a military family, on a budget. Since our last conversation, the military moved us from Florida to California in the middle of the school year. Thanks to your curriculum, we were able to complete our school year with flying colors! Despite the many interruptions, we were able to pick up right where we left off, thanks to the daily lesson plan guide. We were able to locate our required reading books anywhere in the country, at any public library, due to the extensive bibliographies provided at the beginning of each unit. Despite the physical and emotional challenges of moving in the middle of the school year, our children were able to maintain a love of learning because of the many exciting activities provided. It was so wonderful to be grounded in the Lord's word with the daily scriptures provided, which related directly to the daily lesson plan. As a former public school teacher, the most exciting aspect of your program was that it met AND exceeded national teaching standards. This was so critical to a military family on the move. I have shared the success of your program with many other homeschooling families and Co-ops, and have referred them all to your website. We have ordered A New World Of Adventure curriculum for next year. Please continue your ministry, we continue to pray for you and yours."
                                   Nancy, California

   "...we live in Australia. I found the Learning Adventures web site back in July and loved it from the moment I saw it. I knew in my spirit that it was for me. I ordered it and we received it this week. I have not put it down since, and the tapes are great. Dorian has such a soft, peaceful voice. The kids are so excited cause they could hear my excitement and see my face. 
   "Thank you so much John and Dorian for being a blessing and producing this book for all of us. The time and effort you have put into this is amazing. Oh how I could just hug you both for this."
                                    Dee Dee, Western Australia

   "[I've just received my copy of A World of Adventure.] My goodness what a book! I can't wait to hit my library to scour the shelves for the titles we'll use for the first unit on Ancient Egypt. ... It addresses every concern I have about unit studies. It will certainly give me the confidence to know I'm teaching all the areas without having a zillion workbooks to keep up with everyday! ... I especially like that I can incorporate much of Charlotte Mason's techniques while using it. ... We're starting tomorrow---going out to buy melons and pomegranates to eat while we read...."
                                    Cindy, Indiana 

   "... I love the Bible instruction that you include. It is so well structured for me. The Lord is really working here. I needed more Biblical instruction in our schooling and this is definitely the answer. Not to mention how nicely Dorian has organized the lesson plans. My kids are going to love this and it will not be the dry approach we have been using. There is very little room for burnout using Learning Adventures.... I am in the process of selling most of the curriculum that I had previously purchased for this year." 
                                    Lauren, Pennsylvania

   "I had already begun a unit study when I heard of Learning Adventures. I even placed an order for it, then canceled it because I decided I should stick with what I originally chose. I stayed on the e-mail loop, lurking to see how the women would respond, because it still sounded so good. Well, their raves about how easy it was to implement sold me. My husband wasn't thrilled, of course, but he knows me and is so patient. :-)
   "Anyway, I can't tell you how excited I am I made the choice to reorder LA. I am thankful to God for allowing me to find Learning Adventures.
   "We are going on vacation and I am actually a tad bit disappointed because I am so excited to begin LA. I have been thanking the Lord constantly that there is a plan waiting for me when we return home. I have NEVER, I mean NEVER, been this excited about homeschooling or a curriculum. (Can you grasp my enthusiasm?) I have such a sweet calmness in my mind now regarding school."
                                     Cami, California

   "I LOVE my new A World of Adventure book! I have combed through it since I received it last Thursday and I'm so pleased at how well each days work is related. I told my daughter that we are going to have so much fun! This is our second year to homeschool and we are so excited to for something that just fits us. .... Thanks so much for all your hard work. We look forward to seeing what is in store for us next year. I'll continue to pray for you as you continue this most worthy endeavor."
                                     Leslie, Oklahoma 

   "Tomorrow we are on Day 24 of Learning Adventures and it is working out great! It is such a fun curriculum with so many interesting activities that even I am having a great time. I love every aspect of it...so thorough, so much continuity, so easy to use and leaves lots of room for choices of your own.
   "Tomorrow is our last day reading The Golden Goblet and my daughter asked if we could just go on so we would know what happens...another day, on an especially suspenseful chapter ending. My daughter said, 'ahhh, is that all?...I wanted it to go on so I could find out what happens!' With textbooks, I can assure you, she never asked to go on!
   "I love getting up every morning and knowing that all I have to do is open the book and begin ... It was the best choice ever!!!"
                                      Leslie, Oklahoma

   "I got my book today, and the kids want to start RIGHT NOW! We are having so much fun just looking at the book, I can just imagine how much fun it will be to learn from it! Thank you so much John and Dorian."
                                     Krista, Ohio

   "Regarding going from textbooks to Learning Adventures, I feel I should share my humbling experience. I was not comfortable with any curriculum that didn't seem to cover literally all of the possible subjects that I thought my children should learn. I burned out both myself and my kids on homeschooling and one of them is in public school now partly because of this. I didn't feel comfortable with using a unit study. I had heard too many hs moms say things like, 'we just baked some goodies for our math today, since they had to measure out the ingredients.' (This can work, but not every day.) However, I talked to Dorian about her book and she let me preview it. Well, I was extremely impressed and decided that this was just what we needed. I was right!!! It makes such a difference! This is the type of learning that kids can really commit to memory. No matter how much material they cover in a textbook, they may not remember much of it, but with the 'living books' that we use in this study, the learning seems to be so much more natural and so much is retained. Don't most of us remember more from reading a good book or doing an experiment or having a real life experience than we do from force feeding a textbook and taking a test, only to forget much of it?
   "I hate to see anyone go through all we did, trying to stick with a textbook curriculum and yet having to 'pull teeth' to get anything accomplished. I may sound over zealous, but this curriculum has revolutionized our schooling."
                                   Stephanie, Iowa

   "Thank you so much for a wonderful curriculum! For the first time since we began home schooling three years ago, we have a curriculum that really works for our family. I have always liked the 'idea' of unit studies, but my two children are five years apart, and I could never make them work for us. I was very discouraged, and had just decided to make my own geography/history based study, when I found learning Adventures. I honestly thought I would just glean some ideas from your book... Well, I had that book in my hands for all of maybe twenty minutes before I realized that this was what we had been searching for, and that I would be a fool to try to reinvent the wheel! My husband was very supportive (even though I had already bought all my other resources for the year), and told me it looked great, and to go ahead and do it.
   "I really can't tell you what a blessing this has been for us. I thank God that he gave you a desire for this ministry and the strength to see it through. I will be praying for you through the next year as you work on your second book."
                                    Cathy, Utah

   "We started [A World of Adventure] this week. We have had the best two days in our whole three years of homeschooling!!! My girls are really enjoying it. This seems like a perfect fit for our family. ... Imagine my shock when my husband said he would enjoy doing the end of the unit activities with us. He has always provided well for our needs for homeschooling, but has never been involved with our lessons. Definitely more than I had hoped for!
   "We feel like we are finally homeschooling as a family. ... My girls made a pyramid out of sugar cubes last week before we started this unit, all on their own. They knew we were starting with a unit on Egypt. Our first day was great, sitting around eating fruit and drinking grape juice. The best part is the wonderful Bible study. I wanted more Bible in our curriculum because I know that is the most important thing. ... Thank you for including the hymns. I sing way off key, but we had a great time. My girls even sang a song about opening your heart to the Lord that I didn't know, and they even did sign language while singing it. I want to thank ya'll again for this wonderful unit study. It was more than I hoped for."
                                    Sherry, Alabama

   "I've just received your book. What a treat!!! As I began looking at it, the world around me disappeared and I found myself saying, 'Oh, cool!' 'Neat!' 'Excellent!' etc. and my oldest asked what I was reading. He looked at the cover and said, 'Oh, that stuff'" Then I shared your idea of eating Egyptian style while doing some introductory reading and his eyes sparkled and he said, 'Oh, I thought it was some boring stuff that would make me look out the window.'
   "... What you have provided for us and so many others is truly amazing. Life --the gift of making things real to all the senses, Liberty --the freedom to follow a daily schedule or to stretch a little, and The Pursuit of Happiness --the joy of learning 'made easy.' 
   "I can only hope that you will find yourself richly blessed as you see the harvest of families brought closer to each other through learning because you answered what truly must have been God's call to you to make this material available to us.
   "... Again, please accept my humble thanks as I think of the sacrifice which you and your family must have made to produce this book."
                                     Cheryl, Wisconsin  

   "I got my copy of A World of Adventure on Monday and we started working with it on Tuesday (to show how little prep work on Mom's part there is). A quick trip to the library, add a little to your grocery list....and you are ready to go!
   "This book is a true Godsend to me this year with four extra children in the house, I haven't had time to do my own unit studies as I'm used to doing. Dorian Holt has done a much better job of writing this unit study plus I'm not bored with it by the time I'm done.
   "This book is over 750 pages, a big book! Mrs. Holt has done a fantastic job. She lists suggested resources at the beginning of each unit, there are only a handful of required books (the Holy Bible is one) and she has completely, word-for-word, written out what needs to be taught to your children. For example, in DAY 1 lesson, we read about Joseph and his brothers. There are discussion questions (as a guide, you don't have to do them or could use as a 'test' I suppose). My children and I actually discussed the implications of Joseph's actions and how God was changing his heart and how God can and does change our hearts, etc. WE HAD A REAL, MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION!!!!
   "There are Latin and Greek words each day. I realized they are not there 'willy-nilly' but there is a method: today's word was 'chronos' and one of the assignments was to put the events of Joseph's life in chronological order. My artist daughter asked if she could do a timeline and I jumped at that spark of creativity and said: 'YES'! That is not in the book, but I thought it went along quite well and I'm not afraid to deviate from the written text.
   "There is a day by day listing of what materials are needed on what day at the beginning of each unit. So last night when I made my almost daily trip to Wal-Mart, I was able to get most all my supplies really cheap at the back to school sales.
   "This Unit Study is VERY well done, I can tell she put a lot of time and effort into it."
                                  Robin, Florida

   "I just received A World of Adventure today. Wow! was that ever fast. ... I have spent quite a bit of time reading over the Egypt study. I have eight children, and I tried to do these same units with my first two, but I really didn't understand how to integrate all the subjects. You have laid it all out so nicely. I am so very excited to get started. For the first time in my life I feel like one week to prepare for school will be more than enough. ... Before, I always over did things, and then things had to be drastically changed. I never did get to most of the other topics, as I was too busy overdoing the history part. ... I really like the way that you concentrate on a book or two, and leave the rest of the books up to the individual family. Also, I like the way you have written it in a way I can read it to my children, and then provided examples for the work that the children are to do. I need all that extra help. I am not a person who is afraid to try a unit study, but there were a few areas of my own education that were lacking, mainly language arts, that I have a very difficult time teaching to my children. ... Thank you again so very much."
                                  Betty, Arkansas   

  "We just finished our first day with LA and we had a great time. I've had to adjust the days work into half days to accommodate my 3rd grade ADHD/dyslexic son, but even with the few adjustments the day went wonderfully. My son even wanted me to keep reading past the pages I had originally planned. What a shock!! He hates to read because it forces him to sit. After we were finished with the day's work I had planned for my daughter (5th grade), she said 'This is going to be a fun year.' My son, who has hated everything we've done in the past, said 'Wow! That was neat, mom. I bet this thing must have cost you a fortune. Can we get up earlier tomorrow so we can read longer?' I can't believe it!! I'm in tears right now because I'm so happy. After three years I've finally found something he likes. Thanks John and Dorian!!"
                                   Diane, Texas  

   "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We are on day 4 of Learning Adventures and are thrilled! This is our 7th year of homeschooling and I have tried lots of different curricula but this is by far the best yet! My sons are in 3rd and 6th grades and both of them love it! I almost didn't order it because I had already purchased everything for this year. In fact, we have already completed about 7 weeks of school but it just wasn't working well for us. I love everything about Learning Adventures, the Greek and Latin roots (which I have been wanting to integrate into our homeschool day for years, but hadn't quite managed it), the language (neither one of my boys have complained about any of the writing assignments!), the Bible (so interesting), science (no more boring textbook stuff), and the history (my personal favorite). My stress level in homeschooling had reached epidemic proportions before we ordered this. Now, when the one year old needs some personal attention, I have time to do it because it doesn't take all day and part of the evening to get school done! This curriculum is a huge blessing in our lives and I wanted to thank you for all the hard work I know you have put into it. I had always wanted to do unit studies but was afraid. You have done such a tremendous job, and my children and I are very grateful. God bless you. I look forward to the next book!"
                                 Darlene, South Carolina

   "I just got [my copy of A World of Adventure] yesterday and I am so excited about starting! I am NOT a curriculum lover and did not think I would like this one either, but curiosity got the best of me! Well I am thanking the Lord for this one. It looks wonderful! I am using it for grades 1-2, 4 ,6, and 9 and I really do not see any problem with using it for any of them. I'll just give them reading on their own level and do the rest with them all!!
   "I can't wait to get started, but best of all, I showed my kids the website with all the fun activities and all, and now THEY can't wait to start.
   "Thank you Dorian and John for your hard work and dedication to Adventures. This is exactly what I was looking for and would have liked to have written myself for my children. May God richly reward you for your obedience to Him in this endeavor."
                                  Faithe, New York

   "We completed our second week of LA today. School has never been a breeze like these past two weeks have been. I ALMOST feel guilty … almost. My daughter didn't want me to stop the Bible reading, even though she knew the story. Today, we started reading The Golden Goblet and she begged me to continue that too. I was shocked!! She said, 'Mom, this is GOOD!' She even picked up the book to read the next chapter on her own. …  It is astounding!! She told me different things about Egypt today that she had read in one of her library books. She said she had read through some of the books by herself, at night, while I was at work. Can this be real!?? This is the easiest year thus far for me. PRAISE THE LORD!! THANK YOU DORIAN and JOHN!!!
   "She is sharing the things she's learned with her Dad at nights. Earlier this week she recited the 24th Psalm. I gave her a treat for learning it early. She asked if she could start on the 23rd Psalm now. I guess as long as she wants to do these things, I should not stifle her desire for learning. … This unit study is a blessing beyond compare!!!"
                                  Debra, Virginia

   "I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with Learning Adventures. I am sold on it and REALLY believe it can be an answer to moms who are facing burn out like I was. I honestly didn't think I could do another year -- I was weary.
   "We have just completed the unit on Ancient Egypt with a wonderful celebration and dinner with the dads. We co-op with another family each Thursday, doing the hands on activities together. We decided to make all the Egyptian recipes on one night and have an Egyptian festival. It was a big success and very exciting to see how much the children have learned! The dads were thrilled to hear Egyptian reports, a review of The Golden Goblet, to recline and dine at a low table, to enjoy the Egyptian costumes the children had made, to see the murals displayed along with the reliefs, and to experience the plagues. My kids each thanked me when the night was over and my daughter told me how much she likes school this year. I like the fact that we've accomplished so much with grace and ease compared to our past couple of years.
   "We have used another unit study program in the past but Learning Adventures is so complete that it has made it easy to do the extra 'fun things'! I thank God for you. He has used you to write a curriculum that meets our needs, like it was written just for us. I praise Him for this answer to prayer. I honestly didn't know how I could go on another year when I was preparing for this one. I am so glad God lead me to you. He was faithful to provide what we needed! What a nice surprise to have our prayers answered AND to be so blessed in our endeavor. Thank you for your obedience!
   "I have recommended Learning Adventures to several people lately. It's hard not to when I am so excited about it!"
                                  Barb, Ohio  

   "Well, I've tried many different programs before I got to Leaning Adventures. When we started with Egypt, I thought - wow! This is easy to use. We loved the activities - the Nile project (ours leaked - but we still had fun with it)... the literature - the Bible portions... It just was so well thought out - planned... It was fun too! I thought that was great! It's a cool time period though - maybe Greece won't live up to it... but Greece was great too. Then I was worried about the myths and how that would be handled. Wow! That was all I could say again. We had a blast with this. I LOVED the way Dorian used the myths to compare and show how great our true God is. The boys really learned to think about the characters in stories... analyzing their motives and seeing their strengths and weaknesses. We had such fun... Then I thought, 'well that was great! No way could Rome hold up to these two!' I was wrong again. It was something else. Learning about the life of our Lord - we loved the Bronze Bow - it was fantastic!! The mosaic - listening to the Messiah..... We said that this was our very fav unit so far. All through the study we had fun - learned so much about life in Bible times - understood so much about the Jewish people and the way they reacted to Jesus.....We haven't started MIddle Ages yet - we plan on doing that in Mid July. We have been taking a break from school. I cannot wait. This has just been awesome!
   "Thank you again Dorian and John - for all you do. May God grant you wisdom, endurance and joy."
                                 Peggy, Kansas

   "My husband and I were both born in Zimbabwe. We left there 13 years ago because of the unsettled political situation. We lived in the U.S. for about 2 years when we first left Zimbabwe, and then we moved to England and we've been here ever since. .... I did want to say thanks again for the kind and helpful attention you've given me (and many others judging by the emails on the egroup list). I've been so impressed by the time you and Dorian have taken to thoughtfully answer people's questions. The Lord seems to be using your work to bless many, many families. The price is so reasonable compared with buying a complete curriculum for one year from most other places, and that must be a true blessing to many homeschooling families who are struggling along on one income. The balance between, on the one hand, all the structure and daily lesson plans that you've provided, and on the other, the built in fun and flexibility of the unit study approach, seems to have filled a much needed gap in the market. I know it has for me anyway. I've always felt that the unit study way of learning was by far the best (hands on, fun activities and an integrated study plan), but I've often not had the time (or creativity) to put it all together myself and so I've resorted to workbooks. I'm looking forward to a year of using a unit study that someone else has writtten...."
                                 Gail, West Sussex, United Kingdom

   "This has been a rough year for us deciding between curricula, and myself worried if we were covering enough. With a son in 6th grade, I have started to fret more about subjects covered, records kept etc., in preparation for college. My child is one who has a hard time focusing on something unless it is video games or sports! He is completely uninterested in reading and writing. When I learned about A World of Adventure last year, I bought it, looked it over, got extremely overwhelmed-or underwhelmed, thinking 'There is no way he will learn anything from this: It looks like too much fun stuff.' So I sent it back. We struggled with our textbook approach and after taking several written tests on the material, I realized he was learning absolutely...nothing! I re-ordered A World of Adventure thinking it was worth a shot and we began. Within a week of building Nile Rivers (that leaked miserably) :-) and reading the story of Joseph that my son wouldn't let me stop because he was so engrossed, I realized maybe he COULD learn through 'fun stuff.' Of course, it doesn't just go on blissfully from there...not when the mom is obsessive about these things! (LOL) But we did the Greek unit and started Rome (he was dying to get to the edible volcano); I worried again and made him start back on some of the text work. He hated it and we were bored and wasting time! Then one night he is answering questions right and left about ancient Rome and Greece and I just sat there with my mouth open. He really was listening! He really did RETAIN it! Then, yes, it got through my thick head that he was doing far better with Learning Adventures than he ever did with the textbook approach. (not saying texts aren't good--just not good for him). I guess I had to learn something too...just because I am a read-a-holic and learn through books, he is not that way. He learns through doing and that is what Learning Adventures offers; a way of 'getting your hands into the material.' (and I didn't mind the ice cream volcano either!) <grin> I do want to mention too that the books Dorian has picked have been a good match as well. He loved The Bronze Bow and The Door in the Wall. So far we are almost through the Middle Ages (but taking a brief break for summer) and both of us are relaxed about the learning/teaching and enjoying it! Guess I'll never get over the wonder that learning this way can be effective, but I am sure going to go along without a fuss from now on! I guess I would just sum up, that Learning Adventures has provided both of us a new love of learning (to quote the website) and it must be doing the job educationally because my son scored 'above proficient' on the CAT test!!!"
                                  Lisa, Colorado  

   "We began A World of Adventure last August and finished the whole book on June 15th. My kids were so excited! I reviewed the year with each of them to see how much they remembered. Each of my four children remembered the readings from the Bible and the literature! Those were the most precious times when we cuddled on the couch to read the books! They loved each of the books from the required reading, but their favorites were The Golden Goblet and The Bronze Bow. We enjoyed the foods that were introduced with each unit. Most of those were eaten during our snack times! My kids were dying to make that ice cream volcano...it was rich!!! (ohhhhhhh that honey-barley bread was yummy too!!) During the Renaissance and Reformation unit, our son made up an astronomy game for his younger siblings. That was a lot of fun. They (again) remembered quite a bit from their reading about the solar system! The book for the last unit, The Swiss Family Robinson, was wonderful. In reading the book the kids truly found how much was left out of the old movie version!! They felt the movie would have been better if they had stuck with the book! The Language Arts covered in this book was great for my 7th grader...my 3rd grader did a pared down version (like 1/2 the spelling words, less writing) The writing had such a flow to it (writing about what we were studying!). The lesson on note taking was an interesting way of actually seeing how much my son got out of the readings! 
   "We have been homeschooling for 8 years now...and have used almost everything, this by far has been the most *enjoyable* learning year yet!!! (for both kids and the mom!!) In evaluating the year with the kids, they asked, 'are we going to use this again next year?' I explained we are moving into a new book, of course, as soon as Dorian completes it...they all were happy to hear that we are staying with this program!!
   "May the Lord bless you as you continue in this ministry to homeschool families."
                                 Jeanne, Maryland

   "You know -- we are at that time of year where you evaluate things --- figure out what you want to change and how things are working. Not just with our waistlines -- but with school -- everything. I am a curriculum junkie. I collect curriculum. I always switch around too. I have never been brand loyal about anything. When the newest, latest thing comes out that is supposed to be wonderful -- I usually try it. This year there has been a major difference though -- I am staying with Learning Adventures. Nothing else out there beats it, folks.
   "I look back and think about Egypt -- Ranofer & Heqet -- pyramids and desert animals... My children were loving to learn and I thought, Wow! How cool!
   "Then we moved on to Greece and the fables -- my children learned to compare those mythical gods with our true God --- the Olympics -- the food.... My son volunteered to write.... Wow!! What could be better?
   "Then we hit Rome. Can I tell you I felt like I was truly understanding the people of Jesus' time -- for the first time ever. The Bronze Bow is one of my all time fav books and I'm 30 years old!! Wow! What could be more meaningful?
   "On to the Middle Ages -- knights, castles, books that my 7 yob still quotes, a love of history and art has been born in my children. We finally see the light and realize that we don't need to supplement the language arts. Suddenly spelling and grammar become relevant in my son's eyes -- and he actually starts applying what he's learned!! Then I think -- Wow!! Could anything be more fun than this?
   "The Renaissance and Reformation is -- In a word awesome. The people of the time seem to leap right into our hearts. Their courage, convictions, love for God... the beautiful art and all the inventions and discoveries.... My children and I see the importance and the gift of a faith that is personal -- and relational.... Wow!! Thank you, Dorian for re-introducing us to our faith!
   "Now we press on through exploration -- the dramatic tales -- the dedicated people -- the Swiss Family Robinson....
   "No - we won't be switching -- not anytime - unless Dorian quits writing. ;o) "
                                   Peggy, Kansas

   "Just wanted to share a tidbit of joy about using this wonderful LA curriculum. We've begun volume two (A New World of Adventure) and loving the way we learn all together. We're taking it slowly, absorbing and using ALL of the material that Dorian so beautifully laid out for us.
   "I was in the bathroom on Saturday morning when one of my 7 year old boys knocked, asking what day it was today. After hearing me tell him it was Saturday, his reply was, "Oh, so we don't have school today?" I said that was right. He then really surprised me by saying, "But can we do school anyway?" I just LOVE this curriculum!!!"
                                    Julie, Ohio

   "I met and chatted with you both at the Chattanooga Homeschool Curriculum Fair in July. It was great to met you and finally put faces with your names. We LOVE your curriculum and have been using it for 3 years . . . We are in the midst of the Revolutionary War and "entrenched" with Gen. Washington at Valley Forge. This is such an excellent unit! We are learning so much through all the extra reading, studying, video viewing, researching and writing we're doing. We refer to and add daily to our HUGE timeline stretched across the dining room wall. I can't begin to tell you how exciting this unit has been to study. You've made it a real blessing to learn. I can't imagine my son learning this much in a public school setting (or private, for that matter).  We can't wait to . . . continue on!!  (My son) extremely enjoyed Johnny Tremain . . . Through the poetry unit, he has exhibited extremely creative writings and actually likes to do it whereas before it was sheer drudgery for him to do any type of writing. A special "THANK YOU" for this wonderful, creative curriculum where it's a joy to learn."
                                  Gayle, Tennessee

   "Book 2 [A New World of Adventure] has far exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much about the founding of our country, the Constitution, and beliefs of the founding fathers. I'm sure I never learned all of this when I was in school, and my children will now have a wonderful base for developing a Godly world view as they look at political issues. You are in our prayers as you continue."
                                   Wendy, Wisconsin

   "I used your first study and I am on day five of A New World of Adventure. Your work is a blessing . . . I have seen my second son blossom under your program. He seems happy to see me reach for your material instead of [the textbooks]. He used to be so sad with workbooks. I look forward to your other materials. [When we were in AWOA], in Egypt, my sons dressed up as a mummy and King Tut. We went "looking" for Greek architecture in our small town's early buildings. My children began to show me mosaics we had walked by unnoticed for years. We made knight "armor" using the Doorpost pattern. They designed and painted their own family crest. As we begin the second unit my youngest son is really learning American History. We are blessed by your work and just wanted you to know."
                                  Homeschool Mom, Pennsylvania


Graphic "evidence" sent to us by Learning Adventure's kids Jason and Ashley from Indiana

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