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Volume Two

Continue your Learning Adventure as you meet the courageous people and visit the fascinating places of early American colonial days.  Experience a world in which excitement and danger lurked in the shadows and around the next bend in the road.  Smell the meat sizzling over colonial fires, and taste the bubbling stews and flaky pastries.  Feel the tension rise as the colonies decide to unite and patriots risk all for freedom in the American Revolution.  Hear the "shot heard 'round the world" that led to what would later mean Liberty and Justice for All!  Watch as some of the greatest and most talented individuals of all time create and sign the United States Constitution – a document that still lives on today.  Join us in . . . A New World of Adventure!

What is included in A New World of Adventure?

A New World of Adventure is the second volume in the Learning Adventures series.  It includes 180 days of lesson plans for grades 4-8.  This curriculum guide consists of three history-based units that include all subjects but math.  Each of the three units includes 60 days of lesson plans, and each corresponds to one of the following historical periods:

  • Where can I learn more about what each unit in A New World of Adventure includes?

Click on the buttons at the top left of this page to learn more details about each unit in A New World of Adventure.  For a complete scope and sequence of skills and concepts for A New World of Adventure, please click on the Scope and Sequence button at the top left of this page.

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