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A NATION TORN AND MENDED (Book 4) - covers 1860-1900 in American History and a study of other world regions

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ADVENTURES IN A MODERN WORLD (Book 5) - covers the 20th century and a study of other world regions

Each of the books in the Learning Adventures series will cover skills and concepts for grades 4 through 8, and each will include a year (180 days) of lesson plans for all subjects except math. 

 Why aren't the last two core volumes completed yet?

The core volumes are very integrated and comprehensive in nature, and as such, they take a tremendous amount of time to write. Each requires so much more than a part-time effort - and right now, there is almost no time available for writing. While Learning Adventures was our principal focus and only income for the first years of our business, used book market sales have been increasingly devastating to our sales over the years, and as a result, we have been bi-vocational for many years now. When so much time is spent away from our work at Learning Adventures in just making a living, there is almost no time remaining for writing future materials. We realize that in these days of emphasis on recycling and re-using materials, it may seem shocking to suggest that there is a connection between your direct support and future materials - but it is what it is. If you are interested in the answer to the question of why the last volumes aren't completed, you have an interest in seeing these materials available for you in the future. It's important for families to see the whole picture and how much your direct support can change the course of a small company. We are working on a supplemental project currently that is built upon our existing curriculum - a project that is much more manageable to complete in a limited amount of time. Our hope is that, in releasing this project, it will help to change this current situation, as well as help those families who will greatly appreciate having this project available. The goal is to resume work on the core volumes as soon as possible. 

Then, what are the projected release dates of the two core volumes?

We wish we knew! Because of the uncertainty of the amount of time we will be able to put into these projects, it is impossible to project any sort of release date. Each family that is able to support our work by purchasing from us directly makes a positive impact on the timing of future products.

What ARE we working on currently?

We are working on a Supplement for Little Adventurers (to be used with older siblings along with A World of Adventure). Each unit of this supplement is built upon the individual units in AWOA - but is especially written for the younger student in grades K-3. While it is very easy to bring younger students along on the Learning Adventures journey, for years, parents have expressed an interest and desire to have more ideas at their fingertips to reach younger learners along the way. Skills and concepts for children in grades K-3 are included in an enrichment format, so they can be reviewed in fun and meaningful ways within the context of each unit. This supplement will not be able to stand alone. You must be using or have AWOA in order to use this supplement, as many lessons serve as a springboard to the things that are included in Volume 1.  The supplements for Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Middle Ages are currently available. We are working on the remaining supplement units and don't know exactly when they will be available, but they are coming along nicely. We are very excited about being able to offer these supplements!

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