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Volume One

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ENTER A WORLD OF ADVENTURE – a world where the past comes alive by experiencing the customs and meeting the characters that lived long ago. Step back in time to a world of pyramids and pharaohs, a Passover Celebration eaten on the brink of a desert journey, Olympic Games, erupting volcanoes, knights and castles, reformers who dared to defend their beliefs, and explorers who dared to dream dreams. 

What is included in A World of Adventure?

A World of Adventure is the first volume in the Learning Adventures series. It includes 180 days of lesson plans for grades 4-8. This curriculum guide consists of six history-based units that include all subjects but math. Each of the six units includes 30 days of lesson plans, and each corresponds to one of the following historical periods:

Where can I learn more about what each unit in A World of Adventure includes?

Click on the buttons at the top left of this page to learn more details about each unit in A World of Adventure. For a complete scope and sequence of skills and concepts for A World of Adventure, please click on the Scope and Sequence button at the top left of this page.

Tell me about your learning game, Worlds of Adventure.

We'd be happy to tell you about this game, which is used with our first volume, A World of Adventure. Remember, that because this is a unit study approach, we rely on the overlap of the many library books we will be reading and the activities and projects for review and reinforcement. There are no worksheets or tests - so for extra (fun) review and reinforcement that will cover specific information from the curriculum guide, we created Worlds of Adventure, which is meant to be used daily along with the daily lesson plans in AWOA as a follow-up activity. Parents who don't use the game are most frequently the ones that are asking how to review vocabulary words and meanings (they're in the game), or names and events in history (they're in the game), or science terms or facts (THEY'RE IN THE GAME!!!!) Seriously, there are more than 3,000 questions that come directly from the curriculum and daily commentary information throughout the days of A World of Adventure. They are all in a multiple-choice format to make the questions more fun, and the questions are arranged in daily order so that all the "Day One" questions are first, and those are followed by the "Day Two" questions. This is also convenient when you are in the middle of the volume and you want to go back to the book to check on the surrounding details of a question. At present, we only have a learning game for A World of Adventure, but games are projected for each book as time will permit them to be written.

Do I have to start with A World of Adventure?

It's really important to start in the first volume, A World of Adventure. This is a chronological series, so it will always be much more difficult to jump into the series in the middle somewhere. There will be gaps and frustrations if you try to do the volumes out of order. Unless you have just recently finished a study of the very same topics we cover in Volume one (and I mean, "just finished" not covered "a few of them" at one point in your homeschooling years) - you will have gaps. Each chronological study is also arranged in a slightly different way - so there is value to starting in A World of Adventure even if you just came from another chronological study. Please contact us if you have questions about where to start (if this is your story). 

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