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Introducing . . .

Learning Adventures for Little Adventurers (Grades K-3)
Supplements for Little Adventurers to be used with A World of Adventure.

How will this supplement enhance the Learning Adventures experience?

  • If you have children younger than fourth grade who are tagging along with your older students, this supplement is for you! You will even want to use many of the suggested activities, lessons, and ideas for your older children. 
  • If you have a young fourth grade student who would benefit from a combination of ideas for younger students and ideas for intermediate students, this supplement is for you! You will love having the flexibility of using ideas from both curriculum and supplement guides to make the curriculum work in the best way possible for your children.

Can this supplement be used independently as a stand-alone without A World of Adventure?

No! Many of the lessons in the supplement will require you to refer to A World of Adventure in order to complete the lesson.

How many of the lessons/activities provided in the supplement should I use for my young children each day?

As many as you like! Many of the lessons will direct you to listen to and participate with the older children in AWOA as well as providing you with an additional activity especially suited to a younger student. In other cases, alternative lessons and activities will be provided for the younger child. In either of these cases, the extra activities will not just keep your child "busy" - but they will provide constructive activities, learning growth, and enrichment in the process. In addition, skills and concepts especially for the younger student will be featured. You will likely want to do as many of the activities and lessons in the supplement that you can, but they are meant for the parent to choose which work best for each day. So, while you don't have to do all of them every day, it will be a help to you in involving your younger children if you do!

Are the games and activities in the lessons of the supplement parent-made or student-made?

Almost all of the games and activities in the supplement are meant to be student-made. We have planned them carefully so the children will be involved in learning while they are making their games. Writing spelling words on note cards from the marker board for their spelling game/activity is something children can do that will also provide practice in spelling! Cutting out fish for a learning game is something that even a kindergarten student can do that will foster creativity and cutting skills. Their fish won't be as perfect as a parent's would be, but they are fish to the child nonetheless! Some lessons will require more guidance and involvement from parents than others, and each child will be working at varying ability levels, so parents will decide where each child "fits" in each activity.

Are the lessons ever age-specific?

Many of the activities in the supplement are things that all the children, regardless of their age, will want to do. Others are especially suited for the youngest learners, and still others are suited more appropriately for the 2nd or 3rd grade student. When phonics enrichment skill levels are involved, we will usually offer different ideas for children at various levels. Activities for "Emergent Students" are those that will focus on the earliest learning skills and are usually best for preschool and kindergarten students who are just learning early literacy concepts. Activities for "Beginning Students" will overlap somewhat with the emergent skills category and will focus on the early learning skills that a kindergarten or beginning first grade student would be mastering. Activities for "Continuing Students" will overlap somewhat with the beginning skills category and will feature the continuing phonics skills, such as letter-sound relationships and patterns in words, and blending of letters and letter combinations to read new words. The same three skill levels will apply to spelling and grammar lessons. The Introduction in each supplement packet will explain this thoroughly. It's important not to put children into grade level "boxes" as some very young students will be early and strong readers while some primary students in grades 2-3 will still be struggling with reading concepts. Be sure to choose the activity and level that will meet the needs of the individual child for maximum learning experiences!

Which subject areas are included in the supplement packets?

The same subjects that are included in A World of Adventure are also included in the supplements. Bible, language arts, social studies, science, and fine arts for the K-Grade 3 student are included in each supplement packet. Comprehensive Phonics Instruction, Math, and Handwriting are NOT included. These three subjects should be taught with formal programs that will teach the student the correct progression of skills and concepts. However, phonics enrichment activities are included at early elementary levels in our supplement packets, and there will be plenty of opportunities to practice handwriting skills as well. These will all serve as a fun review that will be integrated with the rest of the curriculum.

Do I need a separate comprehensive phonics program for a second or third grader?

If you have an emergent or beginning student, you will need a pre-phonics/phonics program of your choice. For children who are already reading well, a phonics workbook to practice reading skills is helpful to provide a consistent exposure to continue mastering sound-letter relationships and patterns in words. However, a complete phonics program for strong readers is not necessary. We will provide phonics enrichment activities that will enhance the unit topics for your benefit and convenience.

Currently Available:

Ancient Egypt Supplement for Little Adventurers $15 (101 pages) 

Ancient Greece Supplement for Little Adventurers $15 (104 pages)

Ancient Rome Supplement for Little Adventurers $15 (101 pages)

Middle Ages Supplement for Little Adventurers $15 (140 pages)

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