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Learn about the courage of the reformers and meet some of the most talented artists of all time. Read biographies on famous personalities of the Renaissance, and study the stars and planets with Galileo. Rejoice with the early hymn writers and see what these heroes of the faith had to say about God's love and protection in troubling times as you study hymns of the church.

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Renaissance and Reformation unit?

The major history and science topic areas in the Renaissance and Reformation unit are the Renaissance and Reformation periods and Astronomy.

What are some highlights from the unit on The Renaissance and Reformation?

Studies and activities on: Johann Gutenberg's invention of the movable-type printing press  Block and potato printing  Reading biographies of Renaissance and Reformation personalities  European countries that played a major role in the Renaissance and Reformation - their histories, cultures, and geography  Note taking and summary writing  Songs in the Bible, traditional hymns of our faith – their authors, composers, and scriptural background and history  Memorizing Psalm 96 Art, artists, and architecture of the Renaissance – the Baroque and Rococo styles  Music and composers of the Renaissance  Touring an art museum  Conflicts between Renaissance scientists and the Roman church  Astronomy, galaxies, the solar system  Space travel and observation  Touring a planetarium  Reading and writing poetry  Interjections, adverbs, direct and indirect objects  Creating an Astronomy Game  Using the Library  The Dewey Decimal System  Sampling the foods of European countries - Swiss fondue, Italian biscotti, French quiche and German puff pancakes  Having an "Out of this World Party!"

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