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Walk the streets of ancient Thebes, past the pyramids and into the desert, stroll along the Nile and imagine what it was like in the days of Joseph and Moses. Sample the fruits the ancient Egyptians ate, learn about life in the desert and how the creator God provided a way of survival in the harshest of climates. Follow Joseph as he rises to a place that God has meant for good, and rejoice with him as he is reunited with his family. Feel the oppression of the children of Israel as they slave under their Egyptian rulers and join with them as they celebrate the Passover together and are delivered from bondage.

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Ancient Egypt unit?

The major history and science topic areas in the Ancient Egypt unit are Ancient Egypt and Deserts.

What are some highlights from the unit on Ancient Egypt?

Studies and activities on: Joseph, God's amazing plan for his life, and Joseph's obedience  Sampling foods of Egypt  Spelling rules, lists, tips, and concepts  Geography of Egypt  Reading library books on Ancient Egypt and the desert  Experiments dealing with snakes, camels, the sun's energy, evaporation, and transpiration  Elements of literature  Making a model of Egypt with soil, sand, and grass seeds  Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots  Egyptian art and architecture  Pyramids  Agricultural products of Ancient Egypt  Making barley cakes  Discovering what the Bible says about worshiping false gods  What the Bible says about God's protection, love, compassion, and desire to have a personal relationship with us  Conflict in literature  Interpreting a graph of Ancient Egyptian exports  Desert formation  Biomes, ecology, desert storms, weathering and erosion in the desert  The Nile River  Making models of reed boats  Reading The Golden Goblet – a mystery story of Ancient Egypt  Parts of a book  New words from literature  Literature discussions  Writing techniques  Science in Ancient Egypt  Fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction  Antonyms, synonyms, metaphors, similes  Using a thesaurus  Memorizing Psalm 23 and 24  Creating a historical timeline of ancient events  Mapping deserts of the world  Ancient Egyptian customs  Making Honey Cake and Lentil Stew  Comparison and Contrast in writing  Comparing and contrasting ancient and modern Egyptian maps  Declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences  Singular and plural subjects, simple and compound subjects and predicates  Arts and crafts of Ancient Egypt  Papyrus  Making paint as Ancient Egyptians  Painting with grass and rope paintbrushes  Types of paragraphs  Topic sentence, body, and clincher of paragraphs  Interpreting a pictograph of scribes in Ancient Egypt  Comparing and contrasting Ancient Egyptian life with ours  Making a plaster relief  Hieroglyphics  The Rosetta Stone  Deciphering a coded message  Interpreting a charts of Egyptian craftsmen and Thebes bakers  Making a Life in the Desert booklet  Moses and his part in God's plan to rescue his people from Egyptian bondage  Writing and staging a play  Pharaohs of Egypt  Mapping the Israelite's route in the Exodus  Making a sweet treat - "Cleopatra's Kisses"  Learning about the weather and climate of Egypt  Making a poster of the Plagues of Egypt  Editing and punctuation skills  The Passover Story - special meanings, symbolic foods, and customs  Traditional Passover Celebrations and the Lord's Supper  Preparing traditional foods and having our own Passover Celebration  Discussing the blood of the lamb that saved the Israelites on the night of the Passover and the blood of THE LAMB – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – the one that saves us from sin and death  Rejoicing together in our Risen Lord!

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