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Travel with explorers as they search for new trade routes and treasures. Experience ingenuity at work on a deserted island with the Swiss Family Robinson. Learn about ocean life and what it provides for us each day. Feel the thrill of discovery and the call of adventure as you rub shoulders with those who dared to try – those who accomplished their dreams because they had the determination and the spirit of adventure required to make their dreams a reality.

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Age of Exploration unit?

The major history and science topic areas in the Age of Exploration unit are Explorers and Oceans.

What are some highlights from the unit on The Age of Exploration?

Studies and activities on: World explorers  Reading The Swiss Family Robinson, the classic story of a family's exciting and dangerous adventures on a deserted tropical island  Author's techniques  Discovering new places, people, and customs  Sampling foods native to new countries  Setting goals  Following a theme of "destinations"  Traveling with the Israelites toward their destination of the Promised Land  Abbreviations, quotations, possessives, and contractions  Cause and effect  Descriptive paragraphs  Survival essays  Explorers Booklets  Note-taking  Writing biographical summaries of explorers  Visiting an aquarium  Memorizing the Ten Commandments  World geography, and maps  Ocean life - creatures, shells, and plant life, tides, careers in oceanography  Conducting experiments in oceanography  Oceans game  Poetry of explorers and the sea  Ships  Island Party!  Buried treasure and treasures from God's Word  Creating a Giant Treasure Hunt!.

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