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Life in the Colonies

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Life in the Colonies unit?

The major history topic areas in the Life in the Colonies unit are Colonial American History - including a study of the states of New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Georgia. The major science topic areas in Life in the colonies are Simple Machines and Inventions.

What are some highlights from this unit?

Studies and activities on: The Israelites as they stumble and fall when tempted by the false gods of the Canaanites  The judges of Israel  Early slavery in America  Reading Amos Fortune, Free Man, by Elizabeth Yates  History, geography, government and culture of New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Georgia  Experimenting with simple machines - the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw  French and Indian Wars  Geography concepts  Investigating national and state symbols  Longfellow's classic poem, "The Village Blacksmith"  Preparing succotash – a Native American dish  Enjoying the works of George F. Handel and Franz Joseph Haydn  Researching and report writing  Munching on a Parson Ainsworth's yummy gingerbread  Sampling spicy Buffalo Wings  Fashioning a cornhusk person  Creating a leather project in honor of Amos Fortune  Experiencing captivity through the eyes of a colonial family in Calico Captive, by Elizabeth George Speare  Notebooking about Sub-Arctic and Arctic Native Americans  Studying the history, geography, government, and culture of our northern neighbor, Canada  Stringing wampum  Savoring a piece of Canadian Maple Pie  Simple machines poetry  Building your faith by memorizing Hebrews 11:1-16  Interpreting Handel's music through writing  Flags of the Nations art project  Native American moccasin games  Read about inventors and inventions in history  Creating inventions, interesting contraptions, and useful gadgets!  Frying New Brunswick Blueberry Corn Fritters  Following Gideon to his camp of three hundred men and watching God give them the victory over their enemies with trumpets and jars!  Ladling a steaming bowl of hearty Voyageurs' French-Canadian Pea Soup  Making Colonial hornbooks  Playing Colonial Cut-Ups – a vocabulary game  Wire sculpture  The Amazing Marble Maze  Ruth's devotion to Naomi and the love and kindness of Boaz to Ruth as kinsman redeemer  Building miniature log cabins  Newspapers and news writing techniques  Fold-out Inventions Project  Pennsylvania Dutch craft of paper cutting  Samson and the Philistines  Mixed-Up Headlines activity  Biography of Benjamin Franklin – inventor, writer, philosopher, diplomat, public servant, scientist, and humanitarian  Hard news stories, human interest articles, and touring a newspaper office  Comics and cartooning techniques  Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches  Samuel's inspiring example – leader, prophet, priest, and the last judge of Israel  Grammar and spelling in newspaper articles  Designing an ad and writing a newspaper announcement  Reading and writing newspaper reviews  Family newsletter project  Creating a comic strip and cartoon flip books  Head into Maine Territory with the characters in The Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare  "Spark" an interest in electricity through experiments and application activities  Mystery portraits  Compare and contrast 1700's wilderness living with life today  Taste of the Colonies Celebration! 

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