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Revolution and Beyond

What are the major history and science topic areas in the Revolution and Beyond unit?

The major history topic areas in the Revolution and Beyond unit are the American Revolutionary War Period, the Constitutional Period, and the Federal Period, including a study of George Washington and John Adams. The major science topic area in Revolution and Beyond is a study of Mammals.

What are some highlights from this unit?

Studies and activities: People and events of the Revolutionary Period  Reading Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes  Longfellow's classic poem, "Paul Revere's Ride"  "Research Adventure" with the library, thesaurus, dictionary, encyclopedia, world almanac, and magazines  Writing outlines, reports, and research papers  Crafting a "silver" candleholder  Leadership - characteristics of a Godly leader  Comparing and contrasting the leadership of Saul and David  Going WILD over a study of mammals – sub-classes and orders, characteristics, lifestyles, habits, and habitats  Animal acrostics  Mammal Marathon learning game  Mammal Roll Call Project  Designing personal monograms  Mammal activities - "Going Batty," Snack for an Armadillo, Sloth Races, Monkey Mayhem, Pouch Project, Leapin' Kangaroos!, Playin' Possum, Mousy Munchies, Beaver Breath, Prickly Dinner, Camel for a Day, Oh Dear! Deer Cookies, Very Beary Mix, Polar Zone, Field trip to the Zoo, A Handy Web, and a Dippy Experiment  American Colonial rebellion  Boston Massacre  Boston Tea Party  5 W's poetry  Reaction essay to the Boston Massacre  Johnny's Pastries  Quill "feather" pens and colonial ink  Sugared Tea buns and Patriot tea  Spelling and grammar activities  Cracking a Colonial Code with the Sons of Liberty  Literal and non-literal language  Battles and campaigns of the American Revolutionary War  Standing up for the gospel of Christ  "Letting Your Light Shine" colonial lantern craft project!  General George Washington and Patriot leaders  Crossing the Delaware with Washington and his troops  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life and music  Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem, "Concord Hymn" Understanding historical documents with the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution  Discovering "Toliver's Secret" in Esther Brady's book by the same name  Goofy mammal limericks and poetry  Baking crusty Hidden Message Bread and sip steaming cups of Liberty Tea Friendly letters  Betsy Ross and flag etiquette  Flags of 1777 and 1795  Shay's Rebellion  Patriotic Music  John Philip Sousa  Play-writing  Independence Hall, the Constitutional Convention  Interactive book about How a Bill Becomes a Law  Biography of George Washington, national hero and Father of his country  Writing a biographical sketch  George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation  "Executive Encounter" game about presidential powers  The Great Seal of the United States  Silhouette portraits and Mammal Art  Create and play "Constitutional Caper"  The heartwarming story of three beloved animal friends in Sheila Burnford's wonderful tale, The Incredible Journey  Presidents Notebook  Map skills in the Eastern United States  Art and architecture of the Federal Period  Fundamentals of fiction writing  Early political candidates, campaigns, and election  Creating a collection of campaign buttons for ballot box  Famous quotations in "Quotation Quest"   Heroes and leaders  Waving Celebration Sparklers at your Celebrate America party!  Prepare to head Westward and Onward!

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